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Benefits of Flushable Toilet Paper Tubes

unflushable toilet paper tube vs flushable toilet paper tube

What are the Benefits of Flushable Toilet Paper Tubes? Flushable toilet paper tubes are an innovative advancement in the hygiene industry, offering a range of benefits from environmental sustainability to consumer convenience. As the world becomes increasingly conscious of waste management and environmental impact, the development of flushable tubes represents a significant step forward. What […]

Rizhao Paper Mill Transforms into Green Energy Powerhouse

rizhao asia symbol paper mill transforms into green energy powerhouse (2)

Shandong Rizhao Pulp and Paper Enterprise Transforms into a Green Factory, Generating 1.5 Billion kWh of Electricity Annually from Waste On June 21, the themed interview activity “Walking through the Pilot Zone to Observe Green, Low-carbon, High-quality Development” visited Shandong Rizhao to explore the production workshop of Asia Symbol (Shandong) Pulp and Paper Co., Ltd. […]

Overview of China’s Household Paper Industry in 2023

china's booming household paper industry in 2023

New Production Capacity Remains at a High Level, Industry Competition Further Intensifies Over the past 30 years, with China’s rapid economic growth, improved living standards, and changing consumer habits, the demand for household paper products has been continuously increasing. In 2022, China’s household paper industry continued to grow, with total industry capacity reaching 20 million […]


2025 china national household paper industry association (1)

CIDPEX2025 THE 32ND CHINA INTERNATIONAL DISPOSABLE PAPER EXPO CIDPEX2025 waiting just for you… Make business plans in China, join CIDPEX Exhibition! Conference: 1415 April 2025 Location: International Convention Center, Wuhan Intercontinental Hotel, Hubei, China Exhibition: 1618 April 2025 Location: Wuhan International Expo Center, Hubei, China COST OF PARTICIPATION (in US$): SPACE ONLY: US$200 per sqm […]

Italy’s Tissue Paper and Hygiene Market Research

italy's tissue paper and hygiene market research

Market Research on Italian Household Paper and Hygiene Products During participation in the Tissue Planet—Future Insights technology conference organized by Italy’s Toscotec, the Household Paper Center/Secretariat of the Household Paper Committee of the China National Pulp and Paper Research Institute conducted market research in Italy. This included visits to COOP supermarket in Lucca, Tiger supermarket […]

European Paper Industry Faces Dual Price Hikes Amid Low Demand

paper production in europe

European Paper Industry Faces Dual Price Hikes Amidst Low Demand and Rising Costs In the persistent economic downturn of 2023, the European paper industry experienced a decline in consumption due to significant inventory reductions, leading to decreased annual revenue for many pulp and paper companies. However, the industry demonstrated its self-sufficiency and recycling capabilities with […]

Benefits of Mix Wood And Bamboo Pulp for Toilet Paper

3 ply toilet paper roll

The Benefits of Toilet Paper Made of Wood Pulp Combined with Bamboo Pulp In the evolving world of hygiene products, the demand for sustainable and effective solutions has never been higher. One innovation that stands out is toilet paper made of wood pulp combined with bamboo pulp. This unique blend marries the traditional qualities of […]

Why Japan Uses So Much Toilet Paper

10 tips to reduce tissue paper waste at home (2)

6 Reasons Why Japan Uses So Much Toilet Paper Japan is known for its technological advancements, unique culture, and innovative products. One everyday item that might catch your attention is the high consumption of toilet paper. Despite the presence of high-tech bidets in many Japanese homes and public restrooms, toilet paper remains a staple. Here […]

Does Toilet Paper Expire?

why does toilet paper have an expiration date

Why Does Toilet Paper Have an Expiration Date? How Long is The Expiration Date Usually? Toilet paper is a household essential that many people don’t think twice about. However, it might come as a surprise that toilet paper, like many other products, can have an expiration date. This article explores why toilet paper has an […]


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