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Printed napkins tissue

Napkins Tissue Paper

  • Raw material: Virgin Wood Pulp, bambo pulp
  • Type: Paper Napkins & Serviettes
  • Layer: 1-4 Ply
  • Fold: 1/4 Fold, 1/6 fold, 1/8 fold
  • Density: 13-25gsm
  • Color: White/ Brown/ Customizable
  • Style: Bag/Box Tissue
  • MOQ: one 40HQ Containe
  • Logo: Printed pattern / Customized Logo
  • Size: 23x23cm/27x27cm/33x33cm/42x42cm
  • Sample: Sample is free, express fee paid by buyer
  • Certified: ISO, FSC, SGS, PEFC certification

Product Description

Private Label Paper Napkins Serviettes For Dinner Wedding Party Festival

Benefits of Using Custom NAPKINS Tissue for Business

Product Specification

Product nameCocktail Tissue Napkin Christmas Paper Napkins For Dinner
Raw materialVirgin Wood Pulp, bambo pulp
TypePaper Napkins & Serviettes
Layer1-4 Ply
Fold1/4 Fold,  1/6 fold,  1/8 fold
ColorWhite/ Brown/ Customizable
StyleBag/Box Tissue
LogoPrinted pattern / Customized Logo
Brand NameOEM
Packing Style100pcs/bag
Usagebeverage restaurant event bar wedding party napkins

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Customized manufacturing Of paper napkins. ODM & ODM Service Offered. Contact us right now for more information!
Oversea order! If you are a distributor, retailor, B2B Business, resort, restaurant runners, welcome to get quotation!

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These popular napkins soft, strong and beautifully embossed, it provide reliable performance at an economical price. An affordable choice for a variety of high-traffic food service areas. Including Dinner Napkin, Lunch Napin, Tall fold Napkin, Junior Dispenser Napkin, Beverage Napkin etc.

Features & Benefits:

  • Super-absorbent, clean and hygienic.
  • Easy of use & sanitary.
  • Environment friendly.

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Efficiency and Convenience
Purchasing napkins in wholesale amounts guarantees a steady supply, eliminating the need for last-minute store trips and concerns about shortages. This approach allows you to concentrate on providing unforgettable experiences for your guests.

Our wholesale paper napkins are designed for practicality and are easily disposable, streamlining your post-event cleanup. Simply collect and discard the used napkins, freeing you from the burden of extensive cleaning and letting you fully enjoy your event.

Sustainability and Responsibility
Our FSC Certified Paper Napkins embody the principles of reducing, reusing, and recycling. As a disposable yet environmentally friendly product, these napkins meet your tableware needs while minimizing waste. Post-use, they are effortlessly compostable or recyclable, contributing to a sustainable closed-loop system that lessens ecological harm.

Choosing our FSC certified napkins reflects your dedication to sustainable practices, setting an example for others to emulate. This seemingly minor choice collectively yields a substantial impact in conserving our planet for future generations.

Value and Quality
Our wholesale paper napkins are an ideal choice for budget-conscious purchasers. Sourced from trusted manufacturers, we provide a diverse range of top-quality paper napkins at competitive prices. Ideal for stocking in restaurants, businesses, online stores, or for resale, our wholesale offerings guarantee outstanding value for your investment.


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