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Are Kitchen Paper Towels Safe For Food?

Are Kitchen Paper Towels Safe For Food?

In every kitchen, paper towels are a staple. They’re incredibly versatile, used for cleaning spills, drying hands, and even in food preparation. However, many people wonder: Are kitchen paper towels safe for food? This article delves into the safety of using paper towels with food, examining their manufacturing process, potential health risks, and best practices to ensure your food stays safe.

kitchen towels paper roll (2)
kitchen towels paper roll for food


Understanding Kitchen Paper Towels

What Are Kitchen Paper Towels?

Kitchen towels paper are absorbent sheets designed for single use, typically made from wood pulp. They are known for their ability to quickly soak up liquids, making them indispensable in the kitchen for cleaning and drying purposes.

How Are Paper Towels Made?

The manufacturing process involves:

  • Pulping: Breaking down wood chips into a pulp.
  • Bleaching: Whitening the pulp, often using chlorine or chlorine dioxide.
  • Drying and Pressing: Forming the pulp into sheets and drying them.
  • Texturing: Adding patterns to enhance absorbency.

Understanding this process is crucial in assessing their safety for foodrelated uses.


paper towels
paper towels production lines

Are Kitchen Paper Towels Food Safe?

FDA Regulations and Standards

In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sets standards for products that come into contact with food. Paper towels must meet these regulations to be deemed safe for direct food contact.

Types of Safe Paper Towels

  • FoodGrade Paper Towels: Specifically designed for food use, these meet higher safety standards.
  • Regular Paper Towels: Generally safe for indirect contact but should be used cautiously with food.


kitchen towels paper roll (1)
kitchen towels paper for cleaning

Potential Risks of Using Paper Towels with Food

Chemical Contaminants

Paper towels can contain chemicals such as:

  • Chlorine and Dioxins: Used in the bleaching process, potentially harmful if ingested.
  • Additives: Dyes, fragrances, and other chemicals can transfer to food.

Physical Contaminants

  • Fibers: Small fibers can break off and contaminate food.
  • Residues: Leftover manufacturing residues can pose risks.

Bacterial Contamination

Using paper kitchen towels repeatedly or inappropriately can introduce bacteria to food. Ensuring paper towel are stored properly and used only once can mitigate this risk.


100% virgin wood kitchen hand towel paper
100% virgin wood kitchen towel paper

Best Practices for Using Paper Towels with Food

Choosing the Right Paper Towel

  • Look for FoodGrade Labels: Ensure the product is designed for food contact.
  • Check for Certifications: Certifications like the FDA approval can provide peace of mind.

Proper Usage Tips

  • Single Use Only: Avoid reusing paper towels to prevent crosscontamination.
  • Dry Foods Only: Use kitchen towels for drying washed vegetables, but avoid using them to cover or cook food.

Alternatives to Paper Towels

  • Cloth Towels: Reusable and can be sanitized between uses.
  • Bamboo Towels: Ecofriendly and designed for multiple uses.


toilet hand towel and kitchen hand towel tissue
kitchen paper towels


1. Can you cook with paper towels?

A: While paper towels can be used in the microwave to cover food, they should not be used in conventional ovens or for cooking, as they can ignite.

2. Are recycled paper towels safe for food?

A: Recycled paper towels may contain traces of inks and other contaminants, making them less suitable for food use compared to virgin paper towels.

3. What are unbleached paper towels?

A: Unbleached paper towels are not whitened using chlorine or other chemicals, reducing the risk of chemical contamination.

4. Is it safe to use paper towels to drain fried foods?

A: Using foodgrade paper towels for draining fried foods is generally safe. However, avoid using towels with added dyes or fragrances.

5. Can paper towels leave residues on food?

A: Yes, some paper towels can leave small fibers or chemical residues. Choosing highquality, foodgrade paper towels can minimize this risk.

6. What are the signs of unsafe paper towels?

A: Paper towels with strong fragrances, bright dyes, or an unclear origin may not be safe for food use. Always check for foodsafe certifications.


household paper towels
household paper towels


In conclusion, kitchen paper towels can be safe for food use if chosen and used correctly. Opting for foodgrade, FDAapproved paper towels and following best practices can help ensure your food remains uncontaminated. Always be mindful of potential chemical and physical contaminants, and consider alternatives like cloth towels for added safety. By being informed and cautious, you can continue to enjoy the convenience of paper towels in your kitchen without compromising food safety.


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