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[CIDPEX 2024] Preview of the Latest Schedule for the FOCUS International Forum on Household and Sanitary Papers

The 31st International Technology Exhibition of Household Papers will commence in May 2024 in Nanjing, featuring the FOCUS International Forum on May 13-14 and the exhibition from May 15-17. The FOCUS International Forum, held before the CIDPEX exhibition, is driven by practical industry needs and adopts a global and forward-looking perspective. It focuses on the household and sanitary paper industries, gathering global experts to discuss high-interest topics, providing insights, analyses, dialogues, and discussions. This creates a professional platform for domestic and international enterprises to share openly and collaborate for mutual success. In 2023, the forum attracted 695 professional attendees, including 62 participants from overseas and Hong Kong/Macau/Taiwan. The participants highly praised the forum’s theme planning, selection of speakers, and the setup of interactive sessions following the pandemic.

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In 2023, as market demand continued to recover and the flows of people, logistics, information, and capital became more active, the global economy began to rebound. However, the industry still faces several challenges such as a complex international environment, supply chain fluctuations, accelerated technological changes, increasing pressures for sustainable development, a declining birth rate, and an aging population in China. These factors impact the industry’s stable development. Accurately grasping changes in circumstances, finding solutions, facing challenges, and seizing development opportunities have become essential themes for the industry. The China Paper Institute continues to serve the industry with dedication, providing a professional, forward-looking, and high-level technical exchange platform to help drive high-quality development in the industry.

cidpex2024 2024年中国生活用纸及卫生用品展览会( (1)

The 2024 FOCUS International Forum will highlight the following topics:

1. Forum Segments: The forum will be divided into specific sessions for “Wipe Conferences,” “Market Marketing,” “Household Papers,” and “Sanitary Products,” allowing attendees to choose sessions that best fit their interests.

2. Policy and Market Trends: The forum will closely follow national development strategies, offer precise interpretations of relevant policies, global market trends, consumer psychology, and habits. It will explore cross-industry collaborations and industry chain integrations, embracing new channel changes and reconstructing new marketing dimensions.

3. High-Level Roundtable Forums: Planned sessions include deep dives into new generation female consumer psychology, discussions on overseas expansion opportunities and challenges, and debates on material choices like cotton, rayon, and polyester fibers. These discussions aim to address differing viewpoints, stimulate intellectual engagement, and share insightful knowledge to promote high-quality industry development.

4. Focus on Hot Topics: The agenda will concentrate on sustainable development, environmental innovation, new materials, technologies, and equipment. It will focus on the wellness market to foster industry communication and collaboration, helping businesses seize market opportunities for sustainable growth.

cidpex2024 2024年中国生活用纸及卫生用品展览会( (3)

Event Schedule Preview:

Wipe Conference

  • Themes: Environmental protection, sustainability, mutual benefit
  • Overview of the sanitary products industry in Japan (2023)
  • Market overview of sanitary products in India
  • Analysis of global changes in the wipe market
  • Consumption trends for wet and dry wipes on JD.com (2023)
  • Global trends and strategies for preservatives in wipes
  • Outlook for nonwoven wipes in North America
  • Development trends in the wet toilet paper industry (2023)
  • Interactive Forum: Debates on choices between cotton, rayon, and polyester fibers
  • Market outlook for plastic-free nonwoven wipes
  • Industry dynamics post-Europe’s plastic restrictions
  • Sustainable development paths for wipes and their packaging
  • Gentle preservation and antibacterial solutions for natural fiber wet toilet papers

kitchen paper towels in supermarket

Marketing Venue

  • Themes: Grasping trends, widening channels, reconstructing marketing
  • Status and trends in China’s sanitary products industry
  • Douyin e-commerce insights for the paper products industry
  • Tmall paper products industry trend report
  • Long-term management strategies for e-commerce live streaming
  • Three-pronged strategy for empowering growth in China’s sanitary product enterprises
  • New trends in household papers in the next normal
  • BabyTree user insights on baby diaper consumption habits and trends
  • XiaoHongShu user consumption habits and trend insights
  • Interactive Forum: Deep insights into the new generation female consumers’ psychology and reconstructing marketing dimensions for women’s sanitary products
  • Interactive Forum: Opportunities and challenges in overseas expansion
  • Continuous improvement of the supply chain
  • Insights into consumption trends for household papers and sanitary products
  • JD.com trends report for household papers and sanitary products

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Sanitary Products Venue

  • Themes: Innovation, breakthrough, technology
  • Studies on the relationship between sanitary pads and sleep quality
  • New technologies and products in Japan’s sanitary products industry
    Overview of antibacterial evaluation methods for disposable sanitary products
  • The impact of peak carbon and carbon neutrality on the sanitary products industry and strategies
  • Debate on disposable vs. reusable sanitary products – reshaping consumer preferences
  • Development trends for baby diapers, women’s sanitary products, and adult incontinence products on Tmall
  • Strategies for keeping products dry
  • Industrial development and applications of domestic fluff pulp
  • Development progress and applications of domestic superabsorbent polymers (SAP)
  • Use of viscose fibers in sanitary products and personal care
  • Exploring solutions for enhancing the breathability of disposable sanitary products
  • Biodegradable, bio-based hot melt adhesive solutions
  • Use of oils in nonwoven sanitary materials
  • Market overview and production equipment characteristics of period pants
  • Innovation and application of environmental materials in sanitary product packaging

kitchen towels paper roll (2)

Household Paper Venue

  • Themes: Green, low-carbon, high-quality
  • Overview of China’s household paper industry and development trends
  • Global household paper market overview
  • Impact of dual carbon goals on the household paper industry and interpretations of guidelines for carbon footprint accounting and reporting in the pulp, paper, paperboard, and paper products sectors
  • Breaking through with high-quality and efficient household paper production
  • Introduction and applications of Broke Pulp (BPT)
  • Overview of the household paper market in Arab countries over the past 20 years and future outlook
  • Interactive Forum: Green, low-carbon, and high-quality development in the household paper industry
  • Analysis of supply and demand for chemical wood pulp
  • Moisturizing cream paper: preservation and odor control
  • Application of bamboo pulp in household papers
  • Application of embossing technology and systems in household papers

Limited seats available – book early for better prices!
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cidpex2024 2024年中国生活用纸及卫生用品展览会( (2)

The organizers also offer various types of international forum sponsorship, exhibition display, and venue advertising opportunities for diverse participation:

1. FOCUS International Forum Venue Sponsorship

Sponsorship fee: 20,000 RMB per company per venue
Services for sponsors include video promotions during breaks, a full-page color ad in the proceedings, a pull-up banner outside the venue, one admission ticket, and logo display on the forum backdrop.

2. Fixed Exhibition Display Outside the Venue

Display cost: 30,000 RMB per company per venue
Services include a 2m x 3m truss display board, a display table, placement of corporate promotional materials in the attendee bags, and one admission ticket.

3. Venue Advertising

Options include glass curtain wall advertising, road flag advertising, etc.

Besides these sponsorship and advertising opportunities, the organizers offer various other promotional formats, including venue ads, conference journal ads, badge ads, official website ads, official WeChat ads, “Household Papers” magazine ads, cloud services ads for household papers and sanitary products, and conference room rentals.


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