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Tissue Paper Mother/Parent Roll for tissue converting

High Quality Toilet Paper Manufacturing Process

The Whole Production Process Of High Quality Toilet Paper

How is toilet paper made? Toilet paper is one of the indispensable types of paper in life. There are many raw materials for making toilet paper, such as cotton pulp, wood pulp, bamboo pulp, straw pulp and other natural and pollution-free raw materials. But most of the raw materials for toilet paper processing on the market are waste paper collected from everywhere, which are used to add bleach to the toilet paper, stir the pulp raw materials, add chemicals, and finally produce high-quality paper products. Let’s take a look at the whole process of toilet paper production.

Loose toilet paper roll pk Tight Toilet Paper Roll
Toilet Paper Roll manufacturing

1. Toilet paper production process

The waste paper enters the hydraulic pulper, which pulps and de-inks the waste paper. The pulped and de-inked pulp flows into the pulp tank; the pulp pump lifts the pulp from the pulp tank into the high-frequency vibrating screen, which plays a role of screening impurities and separation; after screening, it flows into the pulp tank, and then the pulp pump lifts it into the washer, which plays a role of washing and bleaching the pulp; after bleaching, it automatically flows into the pulp tank; then it is lifted into the refiner by the pulp pump. After refining into fine pulp, it automatically flows into the pulp tank and then is lifted into the sand trap by the pulp pump. The function of the sand trap is to separate the sand ash and other impurities by sedimentation. After that, it is made into pure pulp, and then lifted into the stock box by the desander pump. The function of the stock box is to adjust the concentration of the pulp. After that, it automatically flows into the wire tank. After that, it is brought into the dryer by the wire cage blanket (the dryer plays a role of drying), and then enters the finished roll paper. After rolling, it enters the rewinder. The function of rewinding is to rewind, perforate and emboss. It is rewound from large tissue parent rolls to small toilet paper rolls, and then enters the cutter. The function of cutting is to cut different specifications and lengths, and then pack them into finished tissue products.

the production lines of toilet paper
100% virgin wood pulp toilet paper roll

2. The whole process of producing high-quality toilet paper

Generally speaking, high-quality toilet paper is made of virgin wood pulp, which is closely related to everyone’s daily life. The process flow of toilet tissue processing is: raw material crushing – coarse grinding – cooking heating – double disc refiner – vibrating screen – pulp well – pulp pump – washing, bleaching – centrifugal screen – stirring – pulp pump – paper machine – rewinding, perforating, embossing – cutting machine – packaging – sales.

1) The role of dispersant and softener cannot be ignored by adding appropriate dispersant in the web slurry, which can significantly improve the uniformity of paper sheet and achieve the purpose of improving tissue paper softness and hand feel. At present, most domestic manufacturers use imported PEO-WF or domestic PEO as dispersant. When using PEO, attention should be paid to its molecular weight selection, preparation method (preparation concentration and dissolution stirring speed), dosage control (generally 1.0-1.5kg/t paper) and production water quality impact.

2) The correct wrinkling process is the key to produce high-grade toilet tissue paper. Wrinkling is to peel off the paper sheet adhering to the surface of dryer cylinder, and at the same time make slight curling and produce wrinkles.

3) Proper long and short fiber ratio is a prerequisite for producing soft bath tissue. Long fiber pulp can give toilet paper enough strength, while short fiber pulp has a greater impact on hand feel especially softness.

4) Good pulping process is a guarantee for producing soft toilet tissue paper. For toilet paper making, since fiber length varies from one type of pulp to another as raw material, pulping process must be strictly controlled. Generally speaking, long fiber pulp must be beaten to give toilet paper enough strength. Its beating degree can be controlled at 30-45″SR, while short fiber or waste paper pulp mainly loosens up with slight cutting as a supplement. Its beating degree can be controlled at 20-30″SR. The beating degree of web slurry can be controlled at 28-40″SR.

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