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Tissue Paper Mother/Parent Roll for tissue converting

Los precios de la celulosa dejan de subir y bajan en China

Paper Pulp Prices Stop Rising And Fall in China Market, Short-Term Shocks And Consolidation

During the week, coniferous pulp rose first and then fell, and broad-leaved pulp showed an upward trend. On August 4, the market average price of coniferous pulp in Shandong was 5480 yuan/ton, up 0.92% from the average price of 5430 yuan/ton on July 30. On August 4, the market average price of broad-leaved pulp in Shandong was 4520 yuan/ton, up 1.57% from the average price of 4450 yuan/ton on July 30.

virgin wood pulp VS bamboo pulp for tissue paper

By observing the market changes, the prices of coniferous pulp and broad-leaved pulp still showed an upward trend during the week. Recently, the quotations of various pulps on the foreign market have increased, the supply market mentality has changed, and the prices have shown a short-term bias. At present, the futures price is rising, the pressure of price increase is increasing, but the spot market turnover is not obvious, which makes the high price transaction limited.

Entering August, the paper industry enters a turning point from slack to peak season, and the market demand is general. The operating rate of downstream household paper and coated paper has declined, but the market turnover of double-glue paper has warmed up. In addition, the foreign market reported an increase and exchange rate fluctuations, which formed support for the spot market, and pulp prices remained high.

Mechanical Pulping Gaps in domestic fiber availability and technologies

In terms of futures, on August 4, the opening price of sp2309 contract of pulp futures on Shanghai Futures Exchange was 5380 yuan/ton, the latest price was 5330 yuan/ton, down 1.3% on a daily basis, with a turnover of 446.5 thousand hands and a position of 197526 hands.

The prices of downstream white cardboard and gray-bottom whiteboard paper remained stable. On August 4, the market average price of white cardboard 230g-400g was 4640 yuan/ton, and on August 4, the market average price of gray-bottom whiteboard paper 250g was 4165.67 yuan/ton. During the week, the prices of white cardboard and gray-bottom whiteboard paper continued to hover at a low level. The output of new capacity of white cardboard increased gradually, demand continued to be off-season, and entered into a repayment cycle in late August. The market transaction center had downward pressure. The enthusiasm of paper mills for starting work was not high for whiteboard paper. It was in the traditional off-season period. The downstream procurement mentality was cautious and new orders were limited. At present, there is a large supply pressure in the white cardboard and whiteboard paper market. Paper mills are under pressure to ship goods. The contradiction between supply and demand is difficult to ease.

The Industrial Use of Cellulose Fibers in Tissue Paper Industry.

International market pulp analysts believe that at present coniferous pulp supply is stable, affected by the rise and fall of pulp futures prices, price fluctuations are more frequent. And broad-leaved pulp import sources are tight, in the domestic production has not fully recovered state, prices are strong upward trend, it is expected that short-term pulp spot prices continue to shock trend.

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