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TAD Paper Towels vs. Ordinary Paper Towels

TAD Paper Towels vs. Ordinary Paper Towels: Which One Should You Choose?

When it comes to cleaning up spills, wiping surfaces, or drying your hands, paper towels are a household essential. But not all paper towels are created equal. In this article, we’ll compare TAD (Through-Air-Dried) paper towels with ordinary paper towels to help you make an informed decision.

tad paper towels vs. ordinary paper towels

What Are TAD Paper Towels?

TAD paper towels are a premium type of paper towel known for their superior absorbency and strength. Here’s what sets them apart:

1. Manufacturing Process: TAD paper towels are made using a specialized process called “through-air drying.” During production, hot air is blown through the paper fibers, creating a more open and porous structure. This results in better absorbency and softness.

2. Absorbency: TAD paper towels can absorb more liquid than ordinary paper towels. Whether you’re dealing with a spilled drink or a kitchen mess, TAD towels excel at soaking up moisture quickly.

3. Strength: TAD towels are stronger and more durable. They hold up well even when wet, making them ideal for tough cleaning tasks.

4. Softness: Despite their strength, TAD towels remain soft and gentle on your skin. You won’t sacrifice comfort for functionality.

paper towels through air drying tad tissue

Ordinary Paper Towels: The Basics

Ordinary paper towels, also known as conventional or economy paper towels, are widely available and affordable. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Manufacturing: Ordinary paper towels are typically made using a standard process without the through-air drying step. This results in a denser, less absorbent product.

2. Absorbency: While ordinary paper towels can handle everyday spills, they may struggle with larger messes. You might need to use more sheets to achieve the same absorbency as TAD towels.

3. Strength: Ordinary paper towels are decently strong, but they may tear or disintegrate when wet. They’re suitable for light tasks.

4. Texture: These towels can feel rougher compared to TAD towels, especially when wet.

paper towels brands

Which Should You Choose?

Consider the following factors when deciding between TAD and ordinary paper towels:

– Intended Use: If you need heavy-duty absorbency for spills or cleaning, TAD paper towels are the better choice. For light tasks like drying hands or wiping down surfaces, ordinary towels suffice.

– Cost: TAD towels are pricier, but their performance justifies the investment. If budget is a concern, ordinary towels may be more economical.

– Environmental Impact: Both types of towels have an environmental footprint. Look for brands that use sustainable materials and eco-friendly practices.

In summary, TAD paper towels offer superior absorbency, strength, and softness, making them ideal for demanding tasks. Ordinary paper towels are budget-friendly and suitable for everyday use. Choose based on your specific needs and preferences. Happy cleaning! ­čž╝­čîč

Certainly! Here are some popular brands for both **TAD (Through-Air-Dried) paper towels** and **ordinary paper towels**:

kitchen towels paper roll (2)

TAD Paper Towels:

1. Brawny Pick-A-Size: Brawny stands out as a leader among paper towel brands. It offers excellent absorbency, strength, and durability. The cloth-like feel of Brawny towels makes them ideal for various cleaning tasks┬╣.
2. Bounty Select-A-Size: Bounty is another top performer. It’s known for its absorbency and strength. While slightly edged out by Brawny, Bounty remains a strong runner-up┬╣.

Ordinary Paper Towels:

1. Bounty: Yes, Bounty also falls into the ordinary category. It’s the top-selling brand of paper towels in the United States. Bounty upgraded its original Charmin Towels to be 2-ply, soft, strong, and highly absorbent┬▓.
2. Scott: Scott Paper Company, better known for its toilet paper, is the second biggest brand in the U.S. Their paper towels are popular and offer a balance of quality and affordability┬▓.

Remember that personal preferences and specific needs play a role in choosing the right paper towels. Whether you opt for TAD or ordinary towels, consider factors like absorbency, strength, and cost when making your decision. Happy cleaning! ­čž╝­čîč

tissue paper rolls

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