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Tissue Paper Mother/Parent Roll for tissue converting

The Dimension Of Toilet Tissue Roll

What Is The Size Of A Toilet Paper Roll?

I. Toilet paper as a daily necessity

Bathroom essentials play an important role in our daily lives, especially toilet paper. Toilet tissue is a daily necessity for personal hygiene, household hygiene, and commercial hygiene needs. In this article, we will discuss the size of toilet paper rolls and how to choose the right toilet paper roll according to your needs.

The Dimension Of Toilet Tissue Paper Roll
The Dimension Of Toilet Tissue Paper Roll

II. Types of toilet paper

Toilet tissue paper can be divided into three types: virgin wood paper, recycled paper, and bamboo pulp paper. Virgin paper is made from raw wood pulp, has better quality, and is relatively more expensive. Recycled paper is made from waste paper recycling, has slightly worse quality, and is cheaper, so many people would like to choose the recycled toilet paper roll. Bamboo pulp paper is made from bamboo, has the advantages of environmental protection and sustainability.

toilet paper roll size
toilet tissue paper roll

III. The importance of toilet paper roll size

The choice of bathroom tissue paper roll size is crucial for meeting the needs of different occasions. Different toilet paper roll dimension have different advantages and disadvantages, so understanding the characteristics of various sizes can help us make wise choices to buy toilet paper rolls.

sizes of toilet paper

IV. Detailed explanation of toilet paper roll sizes

Size of a toilet paper roll can be divided into three categories: standard size, jumbo size, and commercial size.

A. Standard size
Regular size toilet paper rolls are usually suitable for home and personal use. Regular roll toilet tissue are generally 4.5 inches wide and 4 inches in diameter, with about 500 sheets per toilet roll. This dimensions of a roll of toilet paper is easy to carry and suitable for home and travel use.

B. Jumbo size
Jumbo size toilet paper rolls are suitable for both household and commercial use. Jumbo roll toilet tissue are large toilet paper rolls, they are generally 4.5 inches wide and 5 inches in diameter, with about 1000 sheets per jumbo tissue roll. This size of toilet paper roll is more durable and suitable for long-term use.

C. Commercial size
Commercial size of toilet paper roll are mainly used in commercial places such as hotels, restaurants, and offices. Commercial toilet paper rolls are generally 3.5 inches wide and 9 inches in diameter, with about 2000 sheets per roll. This commercial rolls toilet paper has higher durability and cost-effectiveness.

size of toilet paper roll

IV. How to choose the right toilet paper roll size

Choosing the right toilet tissue roll size depends on your needs.

A. Personal use
For personal usage, standard size toilet paper rolls are a good choice as they are easy to carry and suitable for home and travel use, like bathroom tissue roll, travel toilet paper roll, individually wrapped toilet paper rolls.

B. Household use
For household usage, jumbo size toilet paper rolls may be a more appropriate choice, because they are toilet paper big roll, which are more durable and suitable in  for long-term use.Amazon household toilet paper

C. Commercial use
For commercial usage, commercial size toilet paper rolls are the best choice as they have higher durability and cost-effectiveness.

D. Industrial use

For Industrial usage, industrial toilet paper roll is also called toilet tissue jumbo roll, is the tissue semi-material parent rolls for converting toilet paper. The industrial toilet paper rolls can be customized the players, weight and the color, which can offer more customization support for finished toilet paper production.

embossed printing toilet tissue paper roll
embossing print toilet tissue roll

VI. Conclusion

When choosing the dimensions of a toilet paper roll, choose according to your demands of the bath tissue roll. In addition, environmental protection and sustainability should also be considered factors when choosing toilet paper. We hope this article helps you understand the knowledge of toilet paper roll dimensions and provides a reference for choosing the right toilet paper roll for you.

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People Also Ask?
  • Toilet paper rolls can be purchased from various sources, including:
    Retail Stores: Supermarkets, convenience stores, and warehouse clubs.
  • Online Retailers: Amazon, Walmart, and other e-commerce platforms.
  • Wholesale Suppliers: For bulk purchases, consider wholesalers like Costco or Sam’s Club.
  • Direct from Manufacturers: For large orders, you can contact manufacturers or distributors directly.

The dimensions of tissue paper mother/parent rolls can vary depending on the manufacturer and the specific requirements. Common dimensions include:

  • Width: 170 millimeters to 2850 millimeters (6.30 inches to 112 inches)
  • Diameter: 1150 millimeters (45.26 inches)
  • Length: Typically rolled continuously and can be several kilometers long
  • Core Size: Inner diameter of 76 mm (3 inches)

A parent roll tissue paper, also known as a mother roll of tissue paper, is a large, continuous roll of tissue paper produced during the initial stage of manufacturing. These base rolls are then converted into smaller, finished products such as toilet paper, facial tissues, paper napkins or paper towels.

The purpose of a tissue roll is to provide a convenient and hygienic way to clean and maintain personal hygiene. Tissue rolls are primarily used for:

  • Personal Hygiene: In restrooms for wiping after using the toilet.
  • Cleaning: For wiping surfaces, spills, and hands.
  • Industrial Use: In various settings for cleaning and maintenance.

The duration a roll of tissue lasts depends on individual usage habits. On average, a single roll of toilet paper lasts one person about 4-7 days.

The direction to hang a tissue roll is a matter of personal preference, but hanging the roll “over” is generally recommended for easier access and to reduce the risk of contact with the wall or holder, which can be less hygienic.

A family of four typically uses around 8-12 rolls of toilet paper per month, depending on usage habits.

Toilet paper that lasts the longest typically has more sheets per roll and is 2-ply or 3-ply. Brands like Charmin Ultra Strong and Quilted Northern Ultra Plush are known for their durability and higher sheet count.

Toilet paper rolls can be used for a variety of creative projects and practical purposes, such as:

  • Craft Projects: Making decorations, toys, or art projects.
  • Storage Solutions: Organizing cords, jewelry, or office supplies.
  • Seed Starters: Planting seeds in rolls for easy transplantation.
  • DIY Projects: Creating custom stamps, gift boxes, or wall art.

A typical roll of toilet paper weighs between 200-250 grams (7-9 ounces).

The number of sheets on a roll of toilet paper varies by brand and type but generally ranges from 200 to 1000 sheets.

The price of a roll of toilet paper ranges from $0.50 to $2.00, depending on the brand, quality, and ply.

A mega roll of toilet paper is typically about 4.5 inches wide, with a larger diameter than standard rolls to accommodate more sheets.

The number of sheets on a roll of toilet paper can vary, but it typically ranges from 200 to 1000 sheets per roll, depending on the ply and brand.

JRT stands for “Jumbo Roll Toilet” paper. JRT toilet paper rolls are larger than standard toilet paper rolls and are designed for use in high-traffic public restrooms or commercial settings where frequent refills are impractical. These rolls typically have a larger diameter and more paper per roll, reducing the frequency of changing rolls and ensuring adequate supply for users. JRT toilet paper is often used with commercial-grade dispensers that are capable of holding these larger rolls. They are commonly found in places like airports, stadiums, malls, and office buildings.

Rapid-dissolving toilet paper is specially designed to break down quickly and easily in water, making it suitable for use in systems with lower water flow or in RVs, boats, and septic tanks. Unlike standard toilet paper, which may take longer to disintegrate and can potentially clog pipes or septic systems, rapid-dissolving toilet paper disintegrates rapidly upon contact with water, reducing the risk of plumbing issues and environmental impact. This type of toilet paper often meets specific industry standards for rapid dissolvability and is labeled as such for easy identification by consumers.

Non-dissolving toilet paper refers to toilet paper that does not break down easily or quickly when exposed to water. Unlike rapid-dissolving toilet paper, which disintegrates rapidly upon contact with water, non-dissolving toilet paper may retain its structure for a longer period, making it less suitable for use in certain plumbing systems.

Non-dissolving toilet paper is typically designed for standard municipal sewage systems with adequate water flow and processing capacity. However, in environments with low water flow or in septic systems, non-dissolving toilet paper may pose a risk of clogging pipes or causing other plumbing issues.

It’s important to use the appropriate type of toilet paper for your specific plumbing system to avoid potential problems and ensure efficient waste disposal.

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